Everyday scooter maintenance

For many owners, one of the best things about owning a scooter or moped is that much of the workings are less than complicated, meaning routine maintenance and repair is fairly simple for the technically minded. As with any mechanical vehicle, good maintenance is crucial in maintaining reliability and condition, and there are some things […]

Leathers or Synthetic

Without wishing to generalise, many a biker is easy to identify from his ‘outfit’ the predominant style being of course black leathers. Either a tighter one piece suit or a combination of leather jackets and trousers are the most common biker garb, combined with gloves and boots. These suits have their origins in military garb, […]

Wear your helmet.

Head and neck protection in a motorcycle accident is crucial. Studies have shown that the severity and longevity of injuries in motorcycle accidents isgreatly reduced in helmet wearers, and of course, it is compulsory to wear one. Choosing a helmet is an important part of bike ownership, and should be taken seriously. All motorcyclists are, […]