The Triathlon Checklist

Prior to running a triathlon there’s numerous things you need to remember to pack.  Even if it’s not your first triathlon it is worthwhile having a handy check list so that you can double check you’ve got everything. I can remember too well the fateful day that I forgot my swimming goggles!

So here’s the checklist I use and yours will be very similar with some minor additions

  • Bike pump
  • Spare inner tube
  • Towels
  • Swimming goggles Energy gels – don’t rely on the race organiser to provide them
  • Water bottles
  • Falcon powder
  • Chain lube
  • Running shoes
  • Bike shoes
  • Wet suit
  • Bike helmet – none of the event organisers will let you run without your helmet.
  • Race belt


When and what to do on arrival at a triathlon.

Always arrive in plenty of time prior to any event.  On arrival there is quite a lot to do.  In addition if you arrive by car you will quite often or not find that there is quite a distance to walk with your bike and everything to the registration and transition area.  A lot of triathletes will have a triathlon box – usually a plastic box to put everything except the bike in the transition area.  At registration you will get your race number and your race chip.  The number usually needs be clearly fixed on your bike, helmet pinned to your wet suit and wherever the race organisers request you to pin it.  The race chip After you have registered you will make your way to the transition area where you will rack your bike and put all the things you need at T1 and T2.  Ensure you know exactly where you put them and in the exact order you need them.  The time you take in transition both T1 And T2 both go towards your final overall time.  Transition really can make a difference.