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We at F.M Group are offering a wide range of products such as: fragrances, mineral cosmetics, luxurious skincare, food supplements, Aurile coffees & teas and much more! FM GROUP has stolen the hearts of milions of people across the world as we have become a very fast growing Network Marketing company with over 400,000 distributors worldwide. Our luxurious products explore the world of captivating scents, astonishing beauty, tasty aromas & healthy lifestyles.


  • UTIQUE Perfume & Perfume Sets.
  • UTIQUE Luxury Shower Gels, Body Balms, Face Oil, and Hair Repair Oil.
  • FONTAINAVIE Lifting Eye Serum, Day/Night Cream, and Eye Cream.
  • HAIRLAB Shampoo, Hair Masks, Moisterising Hair Oil, Sprays FOR Dry Hair, Damaged Hair, Coloured Hair, Curly Hair, For Volume, For Scalp & Hair Care, Anti-Dandruff, and more. Products for women and men.
  • NUTRICODE Fitness Trackers, Vita Kids Gummies, Vita Bomb Gummies, and a range of Food Supplements.
  • FEDERICO MAHORA Fragrances and Perfumes for her and him, plus Travel Perfume Atomiser.
  • FEDERICO MAHORA Moisterising Body Lotions, Shower Gels, Care Creams, Anti-Aging Creams & Gels, Facial Cleansers, Face Serums, Body Balms, Aloe Vera Skin Care, Self Tanning Products, Antiperspirant, Shaving Foam, After-Shave Products, Shampoos & Conditioners, and Foot Creams.
  • FEDERICO MAHORA MAKE UP Nail Varnish, Nail Creams, Eye Shadow, Eye Zone Creator, Eye Brow Products & Creators, Mix & Match Eyeshadows / Eyebrow Powders / Blushes / Powders / Highlighters, Foundation, Concealer, Contour Kits, Make-Up Setting Spray, Eye Liners, Eye Lash Enhancing Serums, Mascara, Lip Sticks, Make Up Removers, Brush Sets, Sponges, and Bags & Kits.
  • AURILE Sweet Treats, Truffles, Chocolate, Coffees, and Teas.
  • PURE HOME Fragrance Sticks.
  • SMART & CLEAN Unt-Free Cloth For Smooth Surfaces, Kitchen Cleaners & Products, Kitchen Appliances Cleaners, Bathroom Products, Laundry Products, Universal Cleaners & Products, Refreshing Products, Furniture Products, Car Cosmetics, and Accessories.

Think about yourself in today’s busy world. Your health and wellbeing are crucial to us. This is why we have developed food supplements, which are a direct response to the needs of a modern men and women. We will help you get back in shape, stand on your feet and regain strength. Heres some of Nutricode’s Products:

NUTRICODE APP is a modern mobile app that will help you to start healthy eating habits, provide you with the tips on how to spend time actively. By using the activity log, you can easily reach your goals. Motivational badges will encourage further effort and help you celebrate daily successes.

NUTRICODE FITNESS TRACKER will be your guide to the dream body. Combine the spirit of sport with modern technology and you will achieve great results. Running a healthy lifestyle has never been so easy!

NUTRICODE GUMMIES are for everyone who wants to supplement their daily diet with a complex of well-selected vitamins and minerals needed for the proper functioning of the body.

INNER BALANCE FOOD SUPPLEMENT are ideal for all those who lead a stressful and an unhealthy lifestyle, experience fatigue and eat products that acidify the body, such as sugar, coffee, alcohol and heavily processed foods.

SLIM EXTREME FOOD SUPPLEMENT are for all those in need of support with rational weight loss, who wish to get their dream body without constantly feeling hungry.

VITALITY BOOST FOOD SUPPLEMENT supports all who experience lack of energy, fatigue and distraction and wish to give rhythm to their live. Recommended also to all who engage in sports and work out.

HAIR, SKIN, NAILS are for all those who dream of a flawless complexion, thick and healthy hair as well as strong nails.

IMMUNO are especially recommended for all those who suffer from colds frequently and wish to improve their immune system. It is also the perfect solution for people who work physically and work out.

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