Dave Mills from X-Calibre UK imports the entire Shilba range of scopes that range from classic, varmint, target and  Gold Medal range. The Shilba range have a long history and are now made in China but still using higher grade Japanese optics; so, good performance but cheaper manufacturing costs, which means value to the end user, you.

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The Official UK Importer of all Tesro Products:-

  • Match Air Pistols
  • Match Air Rifles
  • Small Bore Rifles and Accessories.

Tesro UK offer the perfect, quality built, affordable selection of match grade Pistols and Rifles that can compete with Olympic standard Steyr, Morini and Walther Airguns. Tesro UK offer excellent customer care and speak highly  of the exceptional hand polished trigger mechanisms and wide selection of Pistol Grips to suit all hand sizes and shapes.

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We offer training for the following areas:
— Pest Control
— Shooting Range Construction
— Shooting Range Conduct
— Schools, Retail & Gun Clubs
— RCO Courses
— Corporate Entertainment
— Air Rifle Familiarisation Courses
— Safety Certificates
— Site Visits
— Risk Assessment
— Public Venue Analysis & Setup
Also Shooting range equipment.


Our mission is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy their chosen air gun sport. We believe this can be enhanced by having the appropriate training without harm, or injury to persons or wildlife or any detriment to the environment. This education needs to start at an early age to focus youngsters to the dangers of misusing guns of all types and the laws and legislation that can be broken.

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Address & Contact

Our Address

83 Princes House, Burnt Wood, Staffordshire. WS7 1JN